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                                                            October 9, 2015
Wotton Hill. Photo: George Way

Coming Events
-Oct 9: Nia Dance Fitness Town Hall 10am
-Oct 9: Ukulele club (Adults) KVHall 3pm - 4pm
-Oct 9: Gentle Nia KVHall 2pm - 2.30pm
-Oct 10: Painting and Mosaic exhibition
-Oct 10: Electric Picture House Cinema - Saturday Morning Cinema 10:30
-Oct 10: 1940's night celebration party
-Oct 14: Precise Pilates
-Oct 14: Nia Dance Fitness UTEA 7.30pm 5.00 Drop in
-Oct 15: Precise Pilates
-Oct 15: Nia Dance Fitness UTEA 10am
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St Marys Church. Photo: George Way

Walking around Wotton

As its name suggests Wotton is situated under the edge of the escarpment in the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The scenery here is second to none and there is a wonderful network of public rights of way to enable you to explore the surrounding countryside, including the Cotswold Way, which runs through the centre of the town.

The following series of circular walks will take you along ancient paths and quiet lanes, past monuments and historic buildings, set amidst Cotswold scenery that is rural England at its best. Whether you live locally or are visiting from further afield we hope you will enjoy the walks and the town.

Please note that the maps are not to scale and are a representation of the routes only. We strongly recommend that walkers use them in conjunction with the appropriate Ordnance Survey map. Every care has been taken in compiling the route descriptions but occasionally there may be small differences - for example, a stile may have been replaced by a kissing gate. Please let us know of any discrepancies, or if you experience any other problems, so that we can take appropriate action.


Walking around Wotton
Hill Walk
A two-hour walk around Wotton and Coombe
Walk No 1
Wotton, Tyley Bottom, Ozleworth, Newark (6 miles)

Walk No 1 Download PDF
Walk No 2
Wotton, Brackenbury Ditches, Tyndale Monument, Westridge Woods (4.25 miles)

Walk No 2 Download PDF
Walk No 3
Wotton, Wortley, Alderley, Tresham, Broadbridge (8 or 4 miles)

Walk No 3 Download PDF
Walk No 4
Wotton, Coombe, The Ridings, Waterley Bottom (4 miles)

Walk No 4 Download PDF
Walk No 5
Wotton, Wotton Hill, Coombe Lakes (3 miles)

Walk No 5 Download PDF
Walk No 6
Wotton, Kingswood, Charfield, Huntingford, Damery (9 miles)

Walk No 6 Download PDF
Wotton Leaflet

Wotton Leaflet Download PDF

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