Ash Dieback Road Closures and Diversion – Monday 6th to Tuesday 14th September 2021

Please see below a message from the Ash Dieback Team

Dear Sir/Madam

What:              Temporary Traffic Order to close the road for essential Ash Dieback tree work.

Where:             B4060 Wotton-Under-Edge to Dursley

When:              Monday 6th to Tuesday 14th September 2021 (excluding weekends), from 09.30 to 15.30 daily

On behalf of Gloucestershire County Council, we will shortly be carrying out essential works at the above location in order to remove unsafe trees infected with Ash Dieback.

Ash Dieback disease causes Ash trees to become unsafe, and the tree could shed limbs or collapse on to the road causing harm and injury. This work must take place for health and safety reasons, to protect road users and pedestrians, and make sure the carriageway remains clear of debris.


We will be carrying out essential tree works at the above location for health and safety reasons to protect users of highways and county council land as part of our Ash Dieback project. To ensure the safety of you and our work force we have, under Sections 14, 15 & 16 of the Road Traffic Act 1984 as amended, made a Temporary Traffic Order to close the road.

Due to the type of activities required with tree felling and maintenance works, the road closure can cover an area greater than where work is taking place. This is to allow safe movement and placement of machinery and material.

We appreciate road closures are inconvenient, but it is necessary to keep you and the team working on the road safe. We have planned the work so we can be in and out as quickly as possible and have tried to do it at a time that will minimise any inconvenience.


In accordance with the Temporary Traffic Order, we are not permitted to allow any person or vehicle to proceed along the closed roads; with the exception of emergency vehicles, statutory undertakers responding to an emergency situation. We will endeavour to keep the public foot path open at all times, if it is necessary to close it at any point it will be for a limited time and fully supervised by our trained banks man.

Therefore, if you normally drive into or out of this area during the hours when the road closure is in place, we ask you to please make alternative arrangements.

In exceptional circumstances, some level of access may be considered. This will be on a case by case basis and only where it doesn’t impact on our ability to carry out the work and where it is safe to do so. Any access during this time would be at the drivers own risk as it is a works site.


We have created an official diversion route which will be signposted and is suitable for all vehicles that would normally use the closed road. We appreciate you may know an alternative route, however please be aware alternative routes which are outside of the road closure area are used at driver’s discretion.


If you usually park within the road closure, you will need to find alternative parking nearby during the hours the road is closed.

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If you have any queries please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions leaflet below, or contact us on 08000 514514 or email

Ash Dieback Closure FAQ Page

Below is a map showing the extents of the road closure.

Ash Dieback Route closure and diversion

Thank you in advance for your patience and co-operation.

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