Darker Nights Security

With winter closing in fast and nights getting longer, Gloucestershire Police have issued some security advice for residents:

Leave a light on

  • When the nights become longer many people forget that when they leave the house for work in the morning they may not be back until it is dark.
  • When out at night switch on a light. Remind neighbours to switch on their lights too.
  • Leaving your home in darkness is sending a clear message to burglars.

Make your home appear occupied

  • Making your home look like someone is always at home, is the best way to deter a burglar.
  • A timer switch device is ideal as this can be set to come on and go off automatically at certain times. You can use the device to activate lamps and also TV sets and radios.
  • Another named a ‘TV simulator’ projects a series of LEDs onto a wall, giving the appearance that you have a TV on at home.
  • Burglars are less likely to try their luck at your property if there is a chance someone is at home. They would instead move to another house that is in complete darkness.

Look out for your neighbours

  • Remember to look out for your neighbours too and make everyone aware in your neighbourhood.
  • If there is a stranger wandering around your street looking suspicious ring ‘101’ or ‘999’ if there is a burglary in progress.

Don’t forget …..

  • If you have a burglar alarm use it!
  • Lock all your windows and doors. (Do not leave keys in the locks)
  • Always keep expensive items out of view from prying eyes.
  • Install security lights – burglars prefer to work in darkness so a brightly lit garden or front door would not be attractive to a thief.
  • Register and mark your property. (https://www.immobilise.com/) Please record serials numbers and photograph jewellery.
  • Plant prickly plants underneath your windows and on your garden boundaries.

For more information on crime prevention please visit https://www.police.uk/crime-prevention-advice/