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Youth CentreWotton Youth Partnership (WYP) and Wotton Town Council (WTC) work together to provide Youth Services in Wotton. The key aim is to support young people in improving outcomes in education, training, employment and community engagement. A successful programme of activities is provided on various afternoons/evenings. The Door deliver this project which is based in the new Wotton Youth Centre. For more information see:

Stroud District Council also provides funding for The Youth Forum (one evening) and is part of a district wide network through which young people provide input into issues which affect them, providing feedback to local and district council. Youth Forum representatives take an active part and are represented on the Stroud District Youth Council. Youth Forum members are now also providing leadership in the open sessions and in other activities.

Youth Centre Regular Activity ScheduleYouth Centre outdoor space

Activity Day Time
Youth Club Monday 5.45pm-8.15pm
Youth Club Thursday 5.45pm-8.15pm
Youth Club Friday 2.45pm-5.15pm


Youth centre opening ceremony The site of the new Youth Centre used to be the Police Station but the station was closed in 2011 by Gloucestershire Constabulary. Around the same time, Gloucestershire County Council withdrew funding for the town’s youth activities and sold the former youth building nearby. Through negotiation with the town clerk and county councillor the County Council provided £69,000, part of the proceeds from the sale, for the conversion of the former police premises owned by the Town Trust for a new youth centre. The Town Council and the Youth Partnership commenced vigorous additional fundraising.

Youth centre frontage

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