Stroud District Council Community Survey – Leisure and Wellbeing Review

Stroud District Council have commissioned a private company to undertake a Leisure and Wellbeing review. The review started in December 2020 and is due to finish in July 2021.

The purpose of the review is to develop the Leisure and Wellbeing strategy for the entire district looking at current leisure and wellbeing habits, along with aspirational ones. This will also include the facilities within the district.

The focus will be on:

  1. Physical activity levels (pre, during and aspirational post covid)
  2. Activities supporting the development of positive mental health and well being
  3. A review of venues including Stratford Park Leisure Centre, The Park, The Museum and The Pulse
  4. Exploring which community venues and organisations are currently used and how they can continue to develop and grow to support ongoing community leisure and wellbeing needs of the local residents
  5. Active travel and the use of outdoor space within the District is of particular importance especially around cycling, walking and other activities which all contribute to healthier lifestyles.

Stroud District Council would like to encourage you to take part in their survey. Please follow this link to access the survey :

The closing date for the survey is the 12th February 2021.wue-logo-250