Stroud District Council New improved Waste and Recycling Service

Residents throughout the District will receive from today onwards, a letter and leaflets explaining the new service in November. This should reduce the waste going to land fill and also recover some income for Stroud District Council though their new part-owner operator Ubico. The down side to the scheme is that we will have to find space for a grey wheelie bin and a food waste caddy, which will replace rubbish previously placed in black bags. In more built up areas, containing flats or difficult to reach properties, where bins cannot be stored or near road level, beige bags will be provided. Households needing this provision will be visited and if it meets the criteria then will receive a 52 week supply of bags. It is important that residents needing this service are made aware of this and some may need help from friends, family and neighbours to help them register. The recycling team can be contacted on 01453 754424 or by email Further details can be found on the Stroud District Council website wue-logo-250