Suspicious Vehicles in the Area

The local police have received several recent reports of scrap metal dealers patrolling the area specifically between the 17th and 24th March. The areas being targeted span the A38 corridor from Stone to Berkeley and Sharpness, Slimbridge to Saul and Frampton on Severn, including Arlingham and Epney. But this area may change.

Each report to the police involve either 3 males or 1 male and a female all of eastern European origin. They have been seen to drive very slow along roads and looking into properties and also come onto driveways or entre gardens without invitation and take items for scrap whether old scrap items or not.

They also visit at night when people are asleep, with one such report outside a property in Halmore around 2.00am, leaving a lone female victim feeling very vulnerable.

All these vehicles come back to an organised crime gang based in the Midlands who use people of eastern European origin to do their running around/thefts. Some index plates reported are KP55 AX*,FH54 S*Z, Y86 7XG*.

Please continue to phone the Police on 101 with reports as we are hoping to catch these culprits where previous arrests have taken place recently.wue-logo-250