The Case of The Missing Cotswold Way Signs

Two of Wotton-under-Edge’s Cotswold Way signs have gone missing! The signs help visitors to Wotton-under-Edge follow the correct route for the Cotswold way. The signs belong to Wotton Town Council. They were in place at the end of July 2020, as evidenced by this picture, and were placed underneath the Bradley Street road sign.

We know the signs disappeared between July and November of this year. Did anyone see someone unscrewing the signs and removing them?  At a height of seven feet, they would not have been easy to reach. Either someone very tall was involved or perhaps they had a ladder?

It is commonplace for road signs such as ‘Abbey Road’ to go missing as Beatles fans hunt for items of memorabilia, perhaps the Cotswold Way is now as famous as The Beatles?

Although it may seem an innocent crime, it is indeed a crime. The council will have to report this to the police if no one comes forward. To replace the signs will cost the Town Council money.

If anyone has any information that will help locate the whereabouts of the signs please contact us via email or telephone 01453 843210wue-logo-250